Congrats, Black Highlander Scholars!

We applaud your well-deserved and much-anticipated graduation from UC Riverside. Thank you for celebrating this momentous occasion with the ASP community. We understand this last year has been challenging and has dramatically affected the closing of your university experience. We also know you worked hard for your degree, and we hope this special celebration connects you with friends and family as you’re recognized for all your accomplishments at UCR.

Letters from Black Leaders

Letter from Dr. Myrick

Dr. Jamal J. Myrick

Letter from Keona Henderson

Keona Henderson

Letter from Chanel Parrish

Chanel Parrish

Parting Words

Dr. Jamal Myrick, Sharee Hughes, and Keona Henderson say their goodbyes and offer some well wishes.


UCR's Graduating Black Class of 2021

Click on each graduate's photo to learn more about their accomplishments and to read a special message from them.

More Black Scholars (Not Pictured)


Kayla Ables • B.A. in psychology
Eryka Cheatham • B.A. in anthropology
Melani Cleveland • B.A. in political science/international affairs
Larece Creighton • B.A. theatre, films, and digital production
Aaron Dempsey • B.A. in psychology
Sade Dhalla • B.A. in African American studies
Vassilisa Ellis • B.S. in biology
Solome Engidawork • B.S. in business administration/finance
Chantal Eyong • M.F.A. creative writing for the performing arts
Terese Garcia • B.S. in neuroscience; B.A. Latin American studies (double major)
Kimberlyn Gilchrist • B.S. in business administration; concentration in marketing
Temani Hamilton • B.S. in anthropology
Ahja Henry • B.A. in sociology
Kelechi Ikejiofor • B.A. in political science
Tiffany Isichei • B.A. in public policy
Jasmine Jefferson • B.A. in African American studies
Anthony Johnson • B.A. in African American studies
Africa Jones • B.A. in theatre, film, and digital production
Sarah Kamanta • B.A. in psychology
Bridget Kelly • Ph.D. in geological sciences
Maxine Lawless • B.A. in linguistics
Rose Monet Little • B.A. in microbiology
Angela Marcel-gavin • B.S. in business administration
Danielle Mccoy • B.A. in liberal studies
Kamsiyonna Metu
Chisom Nzerem • B.A. in sustainability studies
Adanna Okwandu • M.A. in education
Lisa Onuselogu • B.A. in economics and administrative studies; concentration in accounting
Chidubem Onyeagoro • B.S. in chemical engineering
Kalia Price • B.A. psychology
Janae Quarles • B.A. in African American studies
Rhakel Radford • B.A. in political science; minor in law and society
Ajuma Rahmaan • B.A. in African American studies; B.A. in Chicano studies
Rhyan Robinson • B.S. in anthropology
Victoria Shea • B.S. in business administration
Jordan Smith • B.A. in African American studies; B.S. in anthropology
Brittney Stoutenburg • B.A. in philosophy
Thaneka Strong • B.A. in philosophy
Heran Tatek • B.A. in psychology
Simone Thomas • B.S. in biology
Kayla Turay • B.A. in political science/law and society
Jaslyn Waddell • M.A. in education
Gianna Wallace • B.A. in sociology
Katryna Wallace • B.A. in ethnic studies
Kayla Williams • B.S. business administration concentration in finance
Angel Williams
Kaitlyn Wiltshire • B.A. in linguistics
Genevieve Wright