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We Look to Our Past While Moving Forward

We wouldn’t be here today without our alumni’s enduring legacy and continual support. From the trailblazing first Black graduates Roy Overstreet (class of 1958) and Zelma Ballard (class of 1959), to our most recent grads who are already changing the world, such as clothing designer Michael Ferrera (class of 2004), our respected alumni remind us of where we come from and where we are excited to be headed.


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Keep the positive impact going. The power of our programs is directly dependent on alumni and community support. Our Black students have a history of graduating in numbers higher than any other group on campus. That marked success highlights just how effective our programs are to our students and how vital they are to our campus and community at large. We can keep that incredible success going with alumni support. Thank you for helping to create our legacy.

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Sankofa Alumni

The sankofabird flies forward, but looks backward, with an egg (the future) in its mouth.It teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward with success. The alumni featured here truly embody the spirit of sankofa. They have shared the wisdom of the past and as a result, truly strengthened our students' future.


ASP Alumni - Edward Bus

Edward Bush, Ph.D.

Class of 1995

Notable Fact: Dr. Bush is a leading voice for African-American achievement in education. He was a founding member of A2.M.E.N.D., a pastor and a winner of the NAACP Drum Major Award in Education. He currently serves as  president of Cosumnes River College in Sacramento.

ASP Alumni - Edward Bus

Michael Ferrera

Class of 2004

Notable Fact: Mr. Ferrera is the CEO of Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing. As a talented custom clothier and master tailor, he creates exceptional clothing for business professionals, athletes and entertainers.