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Born from the historic struggles against oppression in all forms, African Student Programs was created in 1972 to sustain a socially just and inclusive campus community. At a time when students of African descent experienced a lack of support due to low numbers in population, African Student Programs served as a safe haven for students to congregate, discuss, plan and share as a community. As people of the African Diaspora, we honor our multiple identities and cultures and advocate for their inclusion in defining the values of the university.

Recognizing the connection between individual academic success, social responsibility and community success, we promote multiple opportunities for students and the University of California, Riverside to engage in continuing growth as a learning community.

Our purpose is to promote academic excellence by providing opportunities for students in their development as role models, leaders, scholars and professionals.

In the context of the campus and student populations we were created to serve, we carry out our mission by providing the following:

  • Academic enrichment and development
  • Student leadership development
  • Non-academic advising, counseling, and crisis intervention
  • Educational and cultural programming
  • The African Student Programs Mentorship Program
  • Assessment and enrichment of campus climate
  • Community outreach and involvement
  • Collaborative programming with student clubs and organizations, academic departments, faculty and alumni

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