Gloria McGuire

Serving the campus since 1993

Gloria McGuire is an academic adviser in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS), Student Academic Affairs office. She has worked in the UC System for over20 years and at UCR for 18 years. She primarily advises CHASS undeclared and pre-business majors. She is also the college graduation and degree clearance coordinator.

She encourages students to get to know their faculty and their research work and find out what inspires them to be in their field. She expresses that advisers do more than just interpret policy; they inspire students through their developmental and academic growth by clarifying choices. Their mission and goals go hand in hand with UCR's mission and goals to teach and mentor students of diverse cultures by utilizing best practices.

Advisers are there to encourage and assist students in developing career goals through identification of their personal strengths and areas of interest in a safe atmosphere of personal interaction. They provide direction, assistance, and guidance to students that will set them on the path to achieve their academic goals through realistic self-appraisal, and collaboration, all by utilizing campus resources.

She encourages students to visit their professional academic adviser often when they feel like they need help adjusting to UCR campus life or are feeling overwhelmed. Advisers are there to help.