Rickerby Hinds

Areas of Specialization:

Professor Hinds specializes in playwriting and innovative social commentary.

Select Accomplishments:

Hinds’ “Daze to Come,” the first ever full-length play to use the founding elements of hip hop as the primary language of the stage, changed the dramatic arts forever when it debuted in 1989. Self-marketed and self-produced, its story of a rap community forced into exile was both raw and inspiring. Hinds has won two Audrey Skirball-Kenis (ASK) Awards for “Best Play.” “Blackballin’” received a reading at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

The semi-autobiographical “Birthmark” (commissioned by Showtime to be adapted into a screenplay) explores the social and cultural conflicts of a Spanish-speaking immigrant of African-descent forced to choose between the limiting racial categories offered within American society.

In “One Size Fits All,” Hinds tackles the global issue of the exploitation of children by tracing the life of an athletic sneaker from its creation in an Indonesian sweatshop, to the ghettos of America, to the sugar cane fields of the Dominican Republic, and finally to the feet of a child soldier in Eastern Europe.


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