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Let us support you. Protect your GPA with our African Student Programs Mentor Program, make lifelong friends on our Pan-African Theme Hall and find that perfect foot-in-the-door internship with our help. Boost your bank account with job opportunities from our job board, use our computer lab for your next big assignment and find guidance applying for scholarships and grants. We are here to advance, support and inspire you. Come see how we can do just that.

African Student Programs Mentor Program

In your college journey, you don’t have to go it alone. Sign up for the ASP Mentor Program and get paired with a peer mentor who will help connect you with academic resources, student organizations, educational opportunities, events, and "real world" advice as you navigate your college and career path. Learn more about the ASP Mentor Program.

Pan-African Theme Hall (PATH)

PATH is the Pan-African Theme Hall within UCR’s Pentland Hills residence hall. PATH welcomes all students with goals of expanding the student consciousness of Pan-African culture. Living on PATH allows you to connect with fellow creative, intelligent scholars sharing similar academic and social goals, and whom you will want to know for years to come. Learn more about living on PATH.

Scholarships and Internships

There are lots of ways to finance your academic journey and expand your skill set along the way. We can help you find key scholarships and real-word experience opportunities that will help you reach your goals. Start your search here.

Awards and Honors

Our students are achievers. Each year we invite a select group of students to attend our Academic Awards Ceremony. There, we honor those who made the Dean’s List, were in the top ten of their class, and/or achieved the highest GPA. Learn more about this annual event.

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